23 March

The Atlas of Technological Advance

The Atlas of Technological Advance is an overview of the many strands of technological progress occurring throughout industry. It is a tool for CTOs who have to explore and navigate the technological future for their companies. In this presentation we discuss the structure of the Atlas and review the major features that it reveals. Transforming […]

02 February

The marriage of metal and RFID

RFID is known to act crazy while in the company of metals but here is SteelWING, a passive UHF tag from Confidex supporting EPC Class 1 Gen specification. SteelWING comes with an adhesive backing therefore it can be directly attached to metal surfaces and can still perform to the best of abilities without any type […]

26 December

Fifa Ultimate Team 17 Review

Released last week under the shadow of Blast Corps, FIFA 17 (Fifa Ultimate Team ) may be one of the most overlooked games on the N64 platform. This game has a huge amount of replay potential with the FUT 17 and the American, British, French, Italian, and German leagues all present. Other features of FUT […]

05 October

The hacker ethic – Pekka Himanen

The hacker ethic philisophy The hacker ethic is most commonly associated with computing, but it has a much wider application to our time. Hackers are, essentially, experts or enthusiasts of any kind. You could be a hacker in, say, astronomy or carpentry. Being a hacker is more of an approach or attitude than a label […]

26 June

sociology and cybernetics

Reflections on Gaming in School What comes as a shock to me, though, is how culturally relavent gaming is even in schooling today. When I go to school today, fliers line walls, informing people of when they can attend the next “Gamers United” official school video game club, public use televisions line an entire hallway […]

04 March

What is a Guild ?

An “outside observer” named Ted has left a comment  that deserves to be highlighted in a separate entry: It seems that many of you are members of guilds that are so weak and dysfunctional that you can’t even think straight. I’m a physician, and the difference between the guild(s) I’m in and academia are astounding. […]