14 October

Professors Explore Alternatives to Traditional Lectures

In physics and applied physics professor Eric Mazur’s classes, hundreds of students debate physics problems in small groups, consulting their laptops and phones as they search for the right answer. This unusual teaching method is called peer instruction, and Mazur is just one of the many professors at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences […]

28 September

2010 : Facebook Like buttons unleashed on the web

Facebook jusFacebook just announced it’s unleashing the Like buttons you already know and love, but this time they won’t be stuck on Facebook alone. Soon, you’ll start seeing Like buttons appear on other websites, ready for you to click each time you see something worth sharing. Announcing the move at Facebook’s F8 conference in San […]

02 September

the Reasons for Twitter’s Success – 3

Professional Use and App Diversity As text messages can contain (mostly shortened) links to whatever website a user wants, he can use Twitter to promote himelf, his writing, his product or his company. Many professional users register with Twitter to get more visits to their company’s page or to update people about current activities and […]

28 July

the Reasons for Twitter’s Success – 2

Twitter : Simplicity, Social Networking and Speed The simplicity of its interface and the tweeting process -the action of sending an update or message to the site- is one of the most important points if a service wants to win regular users. All a new user has to do is go to the Twitter homepage, […]

17 June

Donate Your Old Mobile Phones and Help Save the World

ReCellular, a leading recycler of mobile phones, is encouraging us to take an active part in saving the environment by simply donating our old, worn-out phones. The PR cites low consumer awareness as the main barrier for this project. I do hope this simple post will inspire others to be responsible. I also encourage other […]