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Westrend Racer- A Gaming PMP

A Portable Media Player is a device that already combines a couple of multimedia functions in one place, but the Westrend Racer is able to add even more. As you can imagine by the title of the post, this Racer player is a gaming gadget. There are 5 games included on the “package”, those being […]

FIFA 19 Review for Xbox 360

It’s hard to believe that EA’s FIFA franchise has been around since 1993. We’re talking grunge era folks; plaid flannels, the Gulf War, and not even an outside chance that Team U.S.A. would be a World Cup contender…or even be in the big dance for that matter. Things have changed a great deal from the […]

Fifa Ultimate Team 17 Review

Released last week under the shadow of Blast Corps, FIFA 17 (Fifa Ultimate Team ) may be one of the most overlooked games on the N64 platform. This game has a huge amount of replay potential with the FUT 17 and the American, British, French, Italian, and German leagues all present. Other features of FUT […]

What is a Guild ?

An “outside observer” named Ted has left a comment  that deserves to be highlighted in a separate entry: It seems that many of you are members of guilds that are so weak and dysfunctional that you can’t even think straight. I’m a physician, and the difference between the guild(s) I’m in and academia are astounding. […]