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Donate Your Old Mobile Phones and Help S...

ReCellular, a leading recycler of mobile phones, is encouraging us to take an active part in saving the environment by simply donating our old, worn-out phones. The PR cites low consumer awareness as the main barrier for this project. I do hope this simple post will inspire others to be responsible. I also encourage other […]

cybernetics sociology : the Reasons for ...

The number of Twitter users is growing tremendously every month. The key aspects of its service are speed, ease of use, social networking and versatility. Twitter is a microblogging and social networking service which was founded in March 2006 by a small group of software engineers in San Francisco, CA. After an initial testing period […]

Life Before Mobile Phones

In this interconnected wireless world, it’s virtually impossible to imagine life without mobile phones and Internet. Like a wonder drug that can cure a man’s misery, we are hooked on everything mobile. But what is life before the emergence of mobile phones ? Is it better ? Sometimes I can’t help but reminisce about those […]

Latest Mobile Marketing Study Released

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released the 3rd annual Mobile Attitude and Usage Study. Being the strong advocate of mobile marketing, the results are of course very positive (if the results are not that impressive will MMA still publish it ?) What would be very interesting to see in this study are the forces […]

The Internet and social and economic res...

The Internet and social and economic restructuring

The Internet is a key communication tool that revamps our world while keeping its physical and social dimensions. It is often claimed that the Internet has led to social and economic restructuring, but the socio-economic restructuring came first. Networking structures preceded the widespread use of the Internet in business. But this new socio-economic system (based […]

Enhancing Customer Experience through Se...

You may think shipping when you see FedEx, but the express transportation giant pioneered much of the technology used in the express industry today. FedEx has led the industry for more than 20 years with significant innovations, including the SuperTracker, PowerPad, FedEx shipping software and an interactive Web site widely noted as an example of […]

The hacker ethic – Pekka Himanen

The hacker ethic philisophy The hacker ethic is most commonly associated with computing, but it has a much wider application to our time. Hackers are, essentially, experts or enthusiasts of any kind. You could be a hacker in, say, astronomy or carpentry. Being a hacker is more of an approach or attitude than a label […]