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Mobile Search as a Location Tool

MEX, the Mobile User Experience blog, carries a recent post of interest regarding mobile user behavior in the areas of search and location. According to the piece, highlighting data from M-Spatial, which creates search applications for UK operators, mobile searchers enter very specific requests, often brand names, when using mobile search as a means of […]

Next Generation Mobile TV Excites Consum...

According to a new study, only 13 to 15% of US customers with experience on mobile TV believed this concept will fly. The remaining 75% remain skeptic. Despite this rather disappointing response, there is still hope for the “next generation” of Mobile TV services. In that same study, majority of general consumers remain very excited […]

Trashing an iPod nano

What does it take to destroy an iPod nano and what’s inside this tiny package ? The guys over at Arstechnica put the nano through its paces. To simulate the everyday accidents that could result in a broken iPod, they came up with a few situations that would ultimately leave the nano lifeless : 1. […]

The Internet and change

For Manuel CASTEILS : we should have healthy doubts about the bombastic claims from futurologists and techno-prophets that because we now have the Internet everything will change. Society is a complicated system that can shape and twist technology to unexpected uses. It is not correct to predict a total transformation just because there is a […]

The Atlas of Technological Advance

The Atlas of Technological Advance is an overview of the many strands of technological progress occurring throughout industry. It is a tool for CTOs who have to explore and navigate the technological future for their companies. In this presentation we discuss the structure of the Atlas and review the major features that it reveals. Transforming […]