Jordi Mussons

In a video interview Jordi Mussons shares his vision for schools and analyses the main challenges Sadako is facing today. In this sense, he points out that the most important challenge for the school is how to “deconstruct former structures” that have been endured for centuries in our education systems.

In order to do so, the school provides its students “with an educational structure that allows them to incorporate their own learning process”.

“We bring the student to the centre of the learning process. This implies increasing the students’ teamwork activities and finding the right balance between the different references of the working group and the competences students should acquired”, he explains.

For instance, at Sadako they have diluted the traditional structure of separate learning subjects to interrelate them, so learners can decide most of the things they want to learn. Moreover, students work in independent cooperative groups, where teachers become in some way a “coach of learners” in the development of their competences.

For Mr Mussons, innovation is at the DNA of the school, where it is part of the natural process of education. He recognizes that the introduction of technology was a lever for change in schools, “a great catalyst that has even led to a change in teachers’ and students’ mentality”.  Nevertheless, he highlights that when approaching technical changes we can’t forget the human side of them, and schools have to help students not only to build up knowledge but also encourage their personal development.