Smart technologies at school

A lot of schools are starting to implement smart technologies and the first and most important question they consider is what devices to choose in order to succeed. However, this is totally wrong! The device should be the last issue to consider. Actually, if you answer the questions that really matter first, you won’t even need to consider what devices are right as it will become clear in itself.



The most important thing is to have a clear vision why you need smart technologies at your school. You must set definite objectives which will not only show the direction for you but will help to measure the success later. You might consider enhancing pupils’ creativity, pupil-teacher-parent interaction or strengthening international cooperation, but avoid too broad and intangible objectives like improving learning results.



The need to start something new should come from inside, not outside. So gather a group of enthusiast who have already got some experience or at least wish to start using smart devices, talk to them, discuss and plan together. It is also very important to share the responsibilities to get the process go smooth and organize peer to peer sharing and support.



If you wish to avoid failures at the very beginning and frustrated teachers and pupils, invest in a reliable broadband internet connection at school. No smart devices can be used to their full potential without the wi-fi.



Security of pupils and teachers are among top priorities at every school. So before the devices get into their hands you must have set rules for capturing and using images and videos, dealing with privacy and copyright issues.


Teacher Training

Teaching teachers, pupils and even their parents to use the devices will be an essential and continuous part of the process. However, pilot trainings when the staff can use different devices before you buy your own ones will help you decide not only which devices are right for you but also foresee what challenges you might get into.


If you go through all these issues, everything else should go smooth!


P.S. I shared this post earlier in November, but it disappeared so I am sharing it again