Digital – Drawing your own kitchen plan

Drawing a kitchen plan by hand is an art that is generally reserved for technicians, good draughtsmen, rigorous and precise, and requires a certain amount of experience in architecture in general, and interior design in particular, like the artisans who make house renovation estimates in Montpellier (see : devis rénovation maison montpellier);
However, when you dream of your own fitted kitchen, and you want to imagine it in your own space, you quickly feel the need to see your project on paper.
Fortunately, there is a range of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software available on the Web that allows you to quickly get an idea of the possibilities for your kitchen design and to modify it as you wish.

We were able to test, in particular, the latest version of Sweethome 3D, a generalist interior design programme for private individuals which has many advantages…
The first, and not the least: it is totally free and free to use. It is an open source program, developed on a non-profit basis, and is not affiliated with any brand or retailer that would force you to buy at the end of your journey.
It is easy to learn and fun to use, does not require any special computer skills to get a good result, and there is no time limit on its use.

Sweethome 3D, an accurate and comprehensive program that allows you to :
quickly draw a 2D plan, seen from above, of the contours of the room and include the doors, windows and radiators in the right place and in the right dimensions, with precision, whatever the shape of your room
indicate the exact dimensions of the room and modify them if necessary directly in the plan
include various elements such as stairs, fireplaces, steps, etc.
Drag and drop the various kitchen furniture into the plan from a catalogue of furniture already included for the whole house: bedroom, living room, kitchen…
change the dimensions, orientation and elevation of the furniture with the mouse
visualise, in real time, each modification in a 3D view window (aerial view or virtual visit)
print the final plan directly, under Windows and Mac OS X, or export it in a PDF file which will summarize the number of pieces of furniture and their characteristics, the plan seen from above with the dimensions, and a 3D view
save and come back to your design project as many times as you wish

Sweet Home 3D is aimed at individuals who want to try out interior design quickly. It is not particularly intended to make a plan of fitted kitchen, but its use can bring you a considerable help to flatten your ideas and your project before going to see a professional kitchen designer.

So, don’t hesitate to familiarise yourself with this 3D interior design software, and to give us your opinions on its use. You can also email us your layout ideas and plans saved in PDF format, and we will do our best to direct you to the most suitable kitchen professionals for your project.

The software is available both as a download, for installation on your computer, and online, to try it out or to use it from anywhere (requires Java).

Download Sweethome3D here FOR house renovation or building