Cybernetics : 5 Common Errors to Omit While Generating QR codes

QR code is something that has the ability to save a lot of information in real-time, with unlimited saving space. Unlike the bar codes, the QR codes can be generated openly and without having to seek governmental permissions through a QR code generator. The QR codes can be scanned through Bluetooth devices, infrared devices, online scanners, and mobile phone scanners. This is how the QR codes are easy to be generalized for the online marketing criteria.

 Intel initiated QR coding technology. The company is known to be a giant in the Silicon Valley. Its ideas are capable of moving the earth and revolve the people’s thinking over technology boundaries. Out of all the online marketing tools, QR codes are the best to use and generate, as they are easy to be used and generate as well. However, either mostly people do not know about them, or if they know, they do not know how to use them. It is more to cater to acknowledgement rather registering information. Apart from that, there are so many mistakes that the QR code generation accommodates. That is why; most of the people diverge from suing such technology in online marketing, on both sides of buyers and sellers. The mistakes made by people are as follows in this area:

  1. Information dispersed over the QR code design is not relevant. The relevancy of information can guide traffic to the websites and to the marketed products. If the information is not at all related to the kind of online website/business it is designed for, it will fall prey to ignorance and no traffic will be directed towards a website, in the end, leading to an unsuccessful online business.

  2. The QR codes should not be made in small sizes. Although QR codes can be scanned form any side of a product or from any part of the website, if it is too small, it may not be scan able easily. This can lead to the ignorance of the QR code and lesser online traffic as well.

  3. While people now use mobile phones for generating and scanning codes, a more mobile-based website can be attached to the QR code for the direction of traffic. If a desktop website is attached to the QR code for traffic dictation, the mobile phones will not open them due to less powered processors and online bit rate speed.

  4. You do not have to wait for other competitors or start using this technology. If you have the awareness of it, start educating your users about the ease of use of such codes. They will be guided towards it if you educate them properly.

  5. Do not use QR codes where there is no internet access. If you are in a small town in which people hardly have finances to eat and make bread and butter every day, you cannot sue QR codes to organize a god-marketing plan for your business. Use simple technology and use QR codes only where necessary.

You can avoid all these errors while you generate the codes for the first time through educating yourself first. This way you will be in a better state to connect public relations to mobile networks through online portals like yours.