Month: August 2020

Sociology Info Cybernetics Program - San Mateo College District Overview

Sociology Info Cybernetics Program at San Mateo College District offers students the complete freedom to learn at their desired pace. Whether the desire is to move very fast or very slow, the student remains in control. This type of independent distance learning is for individuals that are strongly motivated and confident as an independent learner. Since there is no financial aid, there are no loans and debt to the school. Students pay by the semester, and payments are broken up into low, interest-free monthly payments that the students make while completing the course.

A comprehensive glimpse into the realm of distance learning and online degree programs as related to the offering accreditated online degrees and diplomas.

- Offers a nationally accredited high school diplomas
- Comprehensive learning materials included in costs
- Complete some programs in less than 6 months
- Accreditation through government approved private accreditation agency
- Average fulltime cost per year $3,692.00
- Study completely at your own pace