Mobile Phone as Love Doctor


It’s rather interesting to understand how different cultures speak of love and celebrate this event. But do you know that mobile phones can easily detect if love is in the air?

According to Reuters, there is a mobile technology developed in S. Korea simply called “Love Detector” that basically analyzes voice patterns during our conversations via mobile phones and determines if there is sexual attraction based on the levels of excitement and concentration.

There is a counterpart in the U.S. named “LoveDetect” but only works with service provider TelTech LLC.

Though it’s designed for entertainment purposes to help ignite hope to the hopeless romantics, the voice pattern technology is used in different settings such as banks, law enforcement and academic institutions.

How to use it ? Just call that special person, engage in a normal conversation and leave the analysis to Love Detector. After the call, there is a verbal report of the emotions analyzed and you can even get the detailed report at the site.

The bad news: It’s not free! (But love don’t cost a thing, right? WRONG)

What makes the dating game a very amazing experience is the heightened anticipation. It’s a chess game where every move leads to victory or defeat.

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