the Reasons for Twitter’s Success – 3


Professional Use and App Diversity

As text messages can contain (mostly shortened) links to whatever website a user wants, he can use Twitter to promote himelf, his writing, his product or his company. Many professional users register with Twitter to get more visits to their company’s page or to update people about current activities and developments. Likewise do newspapers use the service for breaking news, and celebrities in order to give their fans a possibility to follow them ever more closely, often without consulting their publicists, which adds even more value to their posts.

Finally, Twitter may be one of many different microblogging services, but it certainly is the one with the most public exposure and thus the most users and the most third-party-applications. Whatever operating system a user may be using, there’s a Twitter app for it. Even on the go users are offered many applications like PocketTweets for the Apple iPhone or just plain old SMS-message updating which can be used with any mobile phone.

The Future of the Web and Personal Electronics

It can be said without any exaggeration that Twitter is currently a major player in the Internet game, and as just exposed, many of its popularity is caused by its speed and ease of use. This general concept of fewer but highly developed and fully exploited features seems to be a major success strategy for current and future web and mobile device development, just as can be seen with Apple’s formula for success .

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