the Reasons for Twitter’s Success – 2


Twitter : Simplicity, Social Networking and Speed

The simplicity of its interface and the tweeting process -the action of sending an update or message to the site- is one of the most important points if a service wants to win regular users. All a new user has to do is go to the Twitter homepage, register and start entering his first update. All following updates will then show up on this page as an infinite flow of his personal thoughts, almost like a diary.

Social networks have recently proven themselves enormously popular, and Twitter is no exception to this rule : One of its key aspects is the possibility to use it to keep in touch with friends, see what they’re up to and let them know what you are thinking, or letting them comment on your messages.

The difference to sites like Facebook however is that with Twitter, users can see the messages of millions of people who aren’t acquainted with each other, and if they find their tweets (=messages) interesting, they can follow them in order to read their future updates. This way, users can use Twitter not only to connect to friends, but also to make new ones based on their interests.

The speed is another point which clearly differentiates Twitter from other sites like MySpace : While MySpace shows its users an entire, colorful and personalized profile of each person where they have to scroll through many messages to find something relevant, Twitter omits the complexity. There’s just one feature: written 140 character messages. This enables users to get a fast update on their friend’s lives because they don’t have to read entire paragraphs or blog posts. In addition to this, every user’s own update is just a text message without the need of adding fancy photographs or other unimportant and time-consuming gimmicks.

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