Mobile Search as a Location Tool

MEX, the Mobile User Experience blog, carries a recent post of interest regarding mobile user behavior in the areas of search and location. According to the piece, highlighting data from M-Spatial, which creates search applications for UK operators, mobile searchers enter very specific requests, often brand names, when using mobile search as a means of locating a specific place, such as a store or restaurant. This happens in much the same way as when a PC user hits Google to find a local store instead of opening a map and scanning around until its found.

MEX reports M-Spatial’s most frequent searches in the UK in Q2 2006 were for supermarket chain Tesco, Pizza Hut and McDonald’s. Within the top 10 were also hotel chain Travel Inn (8th) and auto parts store Halfords (6th). These show particular intent with regards to finding specific providers to help with specific needs (food, beer, car seat covers, all components of a good night out).