Next Generation Mobile TV Excites Consumers 

According to a new study, only 13 to 15% of US customers with experience on mobile TV believed this concept will fly. The remaining 75% remain skeptic.

Despite this rather disappointing response, there is still hope for the “next generation” of Mobile TV services. In that same study, majority of general consumers remain very excited about mobile TV.

In every single trial, of video on a handset, between 60% and 85% of the audience said, “When can I buy one?” or words to that effect. Once a consumer sees what is possible, their doubt appears to evaporate. It is only people that have seen impoverished “unicast” video services, and who also compete for spectrum with mobile voice, who continue to believe that video on a device that small is a mistake.

About 13% of people asked in surveys what they thought of streaming TV on a mobile would say “it might take off,” while in broadcast services which offer up to 4 times the resolution, around 60% say “We’d buy it,” or “It will take off.

People ask what are the drivers for Mobile TV, and what’s obvious is that quality video on the move was always the driver because it will break into the chunks of boredom that pepper our work days, but only if the quality is sufficiently good that consumers can watch it without getting a headache or eyestrain.

However, the press release did not disclose the price range customers are willing to pay to avail these mobile TV services.