Google Earth UK street view to come in spring in 2008

Every person who has used Google’s Google Earth application has been impressed by the sheer genius of the application. Just the thought of seeing places (alright, the place where you live) from a top down view just like those spy photos that you see in action and espionage films is enough to titillate even the most jaded technology user.

Google revealed its new “street view” feature last year with the US gaining a lot visitors who wanted to see for themselves how the street view works and functions. Just recently, Google revealed a full 3D map of New York as part of its new Google Maps 3D.

But this coming spring, it will be the UK’s turn to get the street view feature.

Google has been taking pictures of the streets of the UK for the last six months – namely, in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The street view feature will be as full featured as the version that is already available for other countries. You can zoom down to the very streets, then look around using your keyboard. You can also cruise around the streets by “walking” and following a route.

Privacy issues have hounded Google regarding the street view feature and the company has addressed this by asking people to report their concerns by clicking on a link. This means if you find anything objectionable while navigating the streets of England – say Posh eating sausage—then you can report it. Although personally, if I find any offensive picture I’d rather it stay. It will always be good for a laugh.