Life Before Mobile Phones


In this interconnected wireless world, it’s virtually impossible to imagine life without mobile phones and Internet. Like a wonder drug that can cure a man’s misery, we are hooked on everything mobile.

But what is life before the emergence of mobile phones ? Is it better ? Sometimes I can’t help but reminisce about those days where conversations are much more intimate and meaningful.

I chanced upon a poignant piece in News & Star entitled Bring Back Life B4 Mobiles and was instantly enamored with its simple perspective about mobile technology.

Grateful for the opportunity to give up on talking once and for all, we can’t even be bothered now to chat on the telephone, never mind face to face. Or maybe it is that spelling tests, having become so stressful they drive six-year-olds to nervous breakdown faster than you can say stuff-and-nonsense, make text language so terribly attractive – coz in txt lingo anyfink gos and u dont av to lurn 2 spel.

…Easier said than done, moving on. Welcoming progress doesn’t come naturally to grumpy old ones who have the sneaking suspicion (admittedly a touch smug) that we surely had the best of it all… before the arrival of the mobile phone.

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