Review on cybernetics : Bluetooth car rear view mirror 2


Bluetooth car rear view mirror : the most important feature of this device is the mirror itself and this is where it seriously lets itself down. As previously said, the mirror is huge but also the glass makes everything look tiny compared to your door mirrors. It becomes difficult to judge where things are behind you and is quite unnerving.

Also as the size of the images in the mirror are so different to the door mirrors it makes you feel a bit dizzy. I noticed this after about 3 minutes in the car. My first test was at night time and it really is quite scary. Also the ear piece control device which sits nicely in the mirror has a blue flashing LED to tell you it is activated and paired with a phone. This flashes every 3 seconds and is really bright and distracting. other technical info :

Putting all this aside I did find some good things about it. I pressed the control button once, spoke the name of my company and it started to dial (again I have no idea what it dialled, but it dialled). I spoke to a colleague whilst driving along and I could easily hear him above my car engine. He said he could clearly hear me whilst I was on the motorway. I must point out there is a volume control on the underside of the device which I had on max and a speaker to the rear. The noise cancelling and voice gain was very impressive and was better than any Bluetooth headset or FM transmitter device I have used.

Whilst driving along the motorway being distracted by blue flashing LED and cars behind of unknown distance I decided to dip my own mirror by flipping the little lever away from me. I did it and the Bluetooth mirror easily moved with it but again distracted me as the rear headlights still lit the mirror up and showed a nice view of my cars roof.

One thing crossed my mind at this point. I recently drove my Fathers car which had one of the factory fitted auto-dimming rear view mirrors (a great feature) and if you had this mirror you would lose that functionality.

Conclusion on Bluetooth car rear view mirror :

Great sound quality and voice control but let down by mirror size, flashing LED’s and mirror shape which distorts your perception of traffic behind you. I think with a bit of work on the mirror glass and if they can build into it an auto-dimming feature then you would have a great usable product. We look forward to the ‘nano’ version 🙂

Effective range Up to 10 metres
Standby time Mirror: Up to 20 days, Headset: Up to 2 days
Talk time Mirror: Up to 15 hours, Headset: Up to 2 hours
Input voltage DC +5.0±0.25VA
Charging time Approx 5 hours
Dimensions 780mm wide x 75mm high x 25mm deep
Weight Approx. 450 g