26 December

Google Earth UK street view to come in spring in 2008

Every person who has used Google’s Google Earth application has been impressed by the sheer genius of the application. Just the thought of seeing places (alright, the place where you live) from a top down view just like those spy photos that you see in action and espionage films is enough to titillate even the […]

10 November

Trashing an iPod nano

What does it take to destroy an iPod nano and what’s inside this tiny package ? The guys over at Arstechnica put the nano through its paces. To simulate the everyday accidents that could result in a broken iPod, they came up with a few situations that would ultimately leave the nano lifeless : 1. […]

23 September

Life Before Mobile Phones

In this interconnected wireless world, it’s virtually impossible to imagine life without mobile phones and Internet. Like a wonder drug that can cure a man’s misery, we are hooked on everything mobile. But what is life before the emergence of mobile phones ? Is it better ? Sometimes I can’t help but reminisce about those […]

23 August

Latest Mobile Marketing Study Released

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) has released the 3rd annual Mobile Attitude and Usage Study. Being the strong advocate of mobile marketing, the results are of course very positive (if the results are not that impressive will MMA still publish it ?) What would be very interesting to see in this study are the forces […]

25 July

FIFA 19 Review for Xbox 360

It’s hard to believe that EA’s FIFA franchise has been around since 1993. We’re talking grunge era folks; plaid flannels, the Gulf War, and not even an outside chance that Team U.S.A. would be a World Cup contender…or even be in the big dance for that matter. Things have changed a great deal from the […]

16 June

The Internet and change

For Manuel CASTEILS : we should have healthy doubts about the bombastic claims from futurologists and techno-prophets that because we now have the Internet everything will change. Society is a complicated system that can shape and twist technology to unexpected uses. It is not correct to predict a total transformation just because there is a […]