Sociology gaming : Nintendo seeks to dumb down gaming



Prolific gamers have been complaining that games of late are getting easier (I’m not one of them). The main beef is that games are slowly being skewed away from seasoned gamers who want real challenges and an increasing learning curve and towards casual gamers who do not want anything difficult at all and who get easily discouraged if they can’t get past a particular hard part of a game.

Knowing this, Nintendo  has, to no one’s surprise, taken the side of casual gamers by actually making games easier than ever.

The gaming giant has filed a patent that will innovate the way games are actually played. The patent involves incorporating an in-game help system that will actually show gamers how to play the game on parts that gamers choose.

To find out exactly what Nintendo is thinking of, the patent application specifically says that “As means for solving the problem, disclosed is a game control method for lowering the difficulty level of a game by presenting, while the game is being played, a hint for allowing the game to be continued.”

What this could mean is that a gamer could bring out the help system at any point in the game. And this system will actually show the gamer how to get through this particular portion, showing the gamer hints on how to continue with the gameplay.

Being just a patent right now, speculation has been rife as to how exactly this system will be implemented. Will it be installed on the game disc? Will it be made available for download ? Will it even appear on the Nintendo Wii given that the top selling system of this generation has serious memory problems? We’ll definitely hear more about this in coming months but I am pretty sure that hardcore gamers are collectively grumbling right now.

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