Enhancing Customer Experience through Service Innovation


You may think shipping when you see FedEx, but the express transportation giant pioneered much of the technology used in the express industry today. FedEx has led the industry for more than 20 years with significant innovations, including the SuperTracker, PowerPad, FedEx shipping software and an interactive Web site widely noted as an example of excellent customer service on the Internet. But what the largest cargo airline is mostly known for their unique approach to providing an outstanding customer experience throughout 220 countries and territories. M P. will share with us how decades of service innovation have led to delivering an absolutely, positively enhanced customer experience.

Taking Technology to Market : Xerox Experience Transferred to Educational Program–Developing scientists and engineers to be successful entrepreneurs

 Training a new generation of engineers and scientists to recognize and develop new technologies and to take the technologies to market is a challenge faced by many countries. The Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship & Innovation was established by the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University to do just that. We adopted industry proven technology-to-business creation methodology, developed at Xerox, into academic environment. The graduate program is in its second year of operation. We will share the model and experience of creating a unique program to train scientists and engineers to become successful entrepreneurs.

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