The Atlas of Technological Advance

The Atlas of Technological Advance is an overview of the many strands of technological progress occurring throughout industry. It is a tool for CTOs who have to explore and navigate the technological future for their companies. In this presentation we discuss the structure of the Atlas and review the major features that it reveals.

Transforming the IT Infrastructure to Generate Business Advantage: The CIO Agenda to Enable

Anyone who’s ever run a business knows the importance of having lower costs and better cash flow. But unfortunately, few truly understand how much they’re spending, and on what. One common trait of successful mid-sized companies is that they don’t think like mid-sized companies. This session will discuss a Management solution which helps businesses see where it makes sense to increase or decrease spending so they can deliver resources where they’re needed most. Discussion will be around taking a strategic view of your business– where you are, where you want to go and how to leverage the resources you have to get there.

Highlights :

  • Manage costs by reducing inventory

  • Improve performance and productivity

  • Integrate your processes with your suppliers to increase collaboration