26 November

Sociology gaming : Nintendo seeks to dumb down gaming

Prolific gamers have been complaining that games of late are getting easier (I’m not one of them). The main beef is that games are slowly being skewed away from seasoned gamers who want real challenges and an increasing learning curve and towards casual gamers who do not want anything difficult at all and who get […]

10 October

Will We See More RFID Tags in Clothing ?

The photo to your left is of an RFID tag contained on a skirt purchased at Old navy. Up to now I wasn’t aware that individually-tagged items of clothing were being sold at mainstream retail outlets in the U.S. like Old Navy. Oh sure, we’ve heard about RFID used in pilot programs and in exclusive […]

21 August

FIFA 18 Review and news on FIFA coins

FIFA 18 succeeded With the Xbox version of FIFA 18, it’s apparent that EA was sick and tired of being upstaged by Konami’s Winning Eleven series. The Vancouver-based dev team decided that enough was enough, set their sights on ousting WE from the top of the soccer game food chain. When you take into account […]

03 August

Review cybernetics : Bluetooth car rear view mirror

The bluetooth rear view car mirror is essentially three products in one. A Bluetooth headset which can pair with your phone to make it hands free, a digital display which can display who is calling without having to look at your phone and lastly a rear view mirror. My first impression of the device when […]

26 May

Enhancing Customer Experience through Service Innovation

You may think shipping when you see FedEx, but the express transportation giant pioneered much of the technology used in the express industry today. FedEx has led the industry for more than 20 years with significant innovations, including the SuperTracker, PowerPad, FedEx shipping software and an interactive Web site widely noted as an example of […]

23 March

The Atlas of Technological Advance

The Atlas of Technological Advance is an overview of the many strands of technological progress occurring throughout industry. It is a tool for CTOs who have to explore and navigate the technological future for their companies. In this presentation we discuss the structure of the Atlas and review the major features that it reveals. Transforming […]