26 December

Fifa Ultimate Team 17 Review

Released last week under the shadow of Blast Corps, FIFA 17 (Fifa Ultimate Team ) may be one of the most overlooked games on the N64 platform. This game has a huge amount of replay potential with the FUT 17 and the American, British, French, Italian, and German leagues all present. Other features of FUT […]

05 October

The hacker ethic – Pekka Himanen

The hacker ethic philisophy The hacker ethic is most commonly associated with computing, but it has a much wider application to our time. Hackers are, essentially, experts or enthusiasts of any kind. You could be a hacker in, say, astronomy or carpentry. Being a hacker is more of an approach or attitude than a label […]

26 June

sociology and cybernetics

Reflections on Gaming in School What comes as a shock to me, though, is how culturally relavent gaming is even in schooling today. When I go to school today, fliers line walls, informing people of when they can attend the next “Gamers United” official school video game club, public use televisions line an entire hallway […]

04 March

What is a Guild ?

An “outside observer” named Ted has left a comment  that deserves to be highlighted in a separate entry: It seems that many of you are members of guilds that are so weak and dysfunctional that you can’t even think straight. I’m a physician, and the difference between the guild(s) I’m in and academia are astounding. […]

04 January

Kobe Bryant’s NBA Courtside – Video game Review

The long wait for a top notch Nintendo 64 basketball game has finally ended. Unlike previous roundball efforts, Kobe Bryant’s NBA Courtside fully exploits the power of the N64. A joint effort of Nintendo and independent developer Left Field Productions, NBA Courtside exudes the quality that has become the hallmark of Nintendo in-house titles. Forget […]