How to Use Social Media in sport to Increase Customer Loyalty

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Corporations and communities of sport have discovered that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social media websites are a goldmine for finding new customers.  Social Media can help IMPROVE sports medias and their relationships with customers.
Nowadays, with lightening speed, companies can lose reputation quickly. Knowing what is being said is CRUCIAL, if you want to put out the fires.


Step 1

SOCIAL MEDIA : Check to see if your competitors have online social media presence. Is that presence effective or popular. Observe the competition. Look for strong business role models online.

Step 2

 COMPLAINTS OR PRAISE : Be Willing to listen to what customers are saying. You may need to download special software for each website. For instance Twitter has applications that will allow you to listen for when people send out information about your company. Use this information to resolve complaints quickly, and to improve real time customer service.

Step 3

SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTION : Communication is a two way street, not a monologue. Give your social presence some personality. Jazz it up ! Give customers information and insight into your company.But don’t stop there. Use opportunities to help your customer. In this highly competitive world you can boost your customers business and increase their loyalty. Provide surveys and polls, discount coupons or other rewards.

Step 4

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT : If you want to listen in on conversations then you need some management software. This is often called, ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE or a search engine . Twitter has programs that do this for followers. Companies will engage customers from the information they have garnered using this software. Public relations people can extinguish fires before they turn into roaring infernos. A growing company must engage customers when good things are said also. This interaction is especially beneficial with younger customers who are very tech oriented or in sports (NBA, football, fifa game)

Step 5

BE PROACTIVE : If you want more customer retention and the ability to solve customer complaints, then use social media to be initiate conversations. Ask your customers an off the wall question. Encourage postings to your social media presence. Create some excited customers. Utilize all the most popular social mediums that you can, balance cost of hiring help and increase of revenue

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