04 May

Smart technologies at school

A lot of schools are starting to implement smart technologies and the first and most important question they consider is what devices to choose in order to succeed. However, this is totally wrong! The device should be the last issue to consider. Actually, if you answer the questions that really matter first, you won’t even […]

15 February

teachers contest webinar – good practice sharing

For educators, nothing is more important than continuing to learn. Our fourth webinar celebrated the sharing of more than 200 good practices among European educators. Over the final months of this year teachers, trainers, academics and entrepreneurs submitted a variety of fantastic innovations to ensure others learn from them. 118 good practices are already published […]

04 October

A spanish inverted classroom

This paper assesses the technical, aesthetic and educational quality of the educational materials created in a Spanish inverted classroom and identifies key elements to successfully design an inverted classroom. The results can help teachers interested in this methodology to select the necessary tools to create high-quality digital educational materials as well as to understand the technical skills necessary to […]

27 August

The decline of the information society

As the transformation proceeds, agricultural and industrial social forms will not vanish altogether, but a smaller number of workers will be able to produce what we need. Only 2 per cent of Europe’s workforce cultivates and breeds what we eat. Soon, a small percentage will produce our industrial products. Because of automation, older social forms […]

08 July

Story-tellers in the digital society

The heroes of the information society were the engineers, the people who developed new products and researched new technologies, chips and genes. They possessed highly specialised and highly regarded knowledge. Their goal was material growth. The heroes of the dream society will be the story-tellers. Once, the superior product would be the winner in the […]