27 August

The decline of the information society

As the transformation proceeds, agricultural and industrial social forms will not vanish altogether, but a smaller number of workers will be able to produce what we need. Only 2 per cent of Europe’s workforce cultivates and breeds what we eat. Soon, a small percentage will produce our industrial products. Because of automation, older social forms […]

08 July

Story-tellers in the digital society

The heroes of the information society were the engineers, the people who developed new products and researched new technologies, chips and genes. They possessed highly specialised and highly regarded knowledge. Their goal was material growth. The heroes of the dream society will be the story-tellers. Once, the superior product would be the winner in the […]

28 May

Education in the evolution of communications

But what are the repercussions of raising children in the age of Facebook and Apple ? Will ever-increasing online presences make us more awkward when it comes to personal encounters ?  Or, will we lose sight of what it means to be patient, given that we can obtain an answer to most questions at a […]

08 April

On becoming educated in the evolution of communications

Lately, I have been really interested in learning about various internet and social media tools; however, the impetus for doing so is multifaceted.  I know that various platforms have been designed to help optimize scientific research – a topic of a recent Science Online NYC (SoNYC) discussion – or can be quite effective at helping […]

19 February

How Cloud Computing Helps Business and Google

The growing importance of cloud computing was made clearer recently when Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, resigned from the board of directors of Apple. Cloud computing is the general term used to describe anything that delivers hosted services over the Internet. The name was inspired by the cloud symbol often used to illustrate the Internet […]