20 November

Jordi Mussons

We bring the student in the center of the learning process

In a video interview Jordi Mussons shares his vision for schools and analyses the main challenges Sadako is facing today. In this sense, he points out that the most important challenge for the school is how to “deconstruct former structures” that have been endured for centuries in our education systems. In order to do so, […]

08 September

Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning

Most of the literature and reports on MOOC students’ profiles show that they usually are highly educated learners, who participate in a MOOC looking for specializations. See, for example, a recent study by Dillahunt et al (2014), which analyzes the comparison of the results of six courses in Coursera, shows that MOOCs are primarily taken by […]

20 May

Digital – Drawing your own kitchen plan

Drawing a kitchen plan by hand is an art that is generally reserved for technicians, good draughtsmen, rigorous and precise, and requires a certain amount of experience in architecture in general, and interior design in particular, like the artisans who make house renovation estimates in Montpellier (see : devis rénovation maison montpellier); However, when you dream […]

04 May

Smart technologies at school

A lot of schools are starting to implement smart technologies and the first and most important question they consider is what devices to choose in order to succeed. However, this is totally wrong! The device should be the last issue to consider. Actually, if you answer the questions that really matter first, you won’t even […]

15 February

teachers contest webinar – good practice sharing

For educators, nothing is more important than continuing to learn. Our fourth webinar celebrated the sharing of more than 200 good practices among European educators. Over the final months of this year teachers, trainers, academics and entrepreneurs submitted a variety of fantastic innovations to ensure others learn from them. 118 good practices are already published […]