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Video game tendencies : crédits FUT 16

Sociology of cyber games : Class discussion - FUT 16 is a significant step forward from its predecessor. If you were contemplating buying this game and not sure if it was worth the money upgrading from FIFA 16 (called "crédits fut 16") I would say go ahead and purchase it. My general overall impression is that the game is a lot more polished with a significant improvement in the quality of the graphics. If you were not aware that it was a FIFA game you could easily mistake it for a live football match on fut coins... crédits fut 16 pas cher The three most notable improvents in the game are the following. The tactical defending system uses a more realistic form of tackling. In previous versions of FIFA with coins you basically could collide with your opponent and tackle them. You most likely will spend most of your time playing the career mode and "buy FUT coins" everytimes...

What is a Guild ?

An “outside observer” named Ted has left a comment  that deserves to be highlighted in a separate entry: It seems that many of you are members of guilds that are so weak and dysfunctional that you can’t even think straight. I’m a physician, and the difference between the guild(s) I’m in and academia are astounding. […]

Kobe Bryant’s NBA Courtside – Video g...

Review for a course of sociology of video games. The long wait for a top notch Nintendo 64 basketball game has finally ended. Unlike previous roundball efforts, Kobe Bryant’s NBA Courtside fully exploits the power of the N64. A joint effort of Nintendo and independent developer Left Field Productions, NBA Courtside exudes the quality that […]

Conference Culture

I recently discovered a new weblog by another academic — and another mother who knows what it’s like to lug a large baby in a stroller up and down the NYC subway steps (permalink may be bloggered; scroll to Friday, August 08). Indeed, it sounds like she lugs two children up and down those steps. […]

sociology : experimenting with Online...

In my spare time I love to keep myself entertained by spending time online. I find the Internet to be an interesting and social place. I have access to the news when I want it, television programmes and movies, social media websites and games. Since going online back in 2006 (in proximity with the concept […]

How to Use Social Media in sport to I...

Corporations and communities of sport have discovered that Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and other social media websites are a goldmine for finding new customers.  Social Media can help IMPROVE sports medias and their relationships with customers. Nowadays, with lightening speed, companies can lose reputation quickly. Knowing what is being said is CRUCIAL, if you want to […]

technology gap : Problem first, pleas...

One thread that I believe runs through the content on this site is “things that help or hinder productive conversations.” (Go ahead and substitute “collaborations” as the direct object of that last sentence.) I provide this in response to recent feedback that my writing was “all over the place.” In my defense, these “things that […]


The International Conference on Education games and cybernetics, Technologies and Applications

Main Purpose :

Relationships between Education/Training and Information/Communication Technologies (ICT) are increasing acceleratingly, sometimes in unexpected ways, particulary in the Sports system and on video games domain, with original ideas and innovative tools, methodologies and synergies.

Accordingly the main purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers, practitioners and gamers from both areas, in order to support the bridging process between education/training and Games / sports communities.